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Pay small small at the normal market price.
0% Interest.

CDcare is Faster, Easier, Less Evasive
and Risk-Free

No Bank Login

Your BVN is not required & you don't have to input your bank login or tell your friend.


Zero Interest
No kobo added

We sell at the normal market price and charge no interest.


We deliver faster
We deliver Original

We ship only original / genuine items fast to you before full payment.

Take control of your finances, you can
start immediately.

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Search & Find

Visit the CDcare app(web or mobile) to find your desired item from our wide range of product offerings, select it and check the properties.

Plan & start your installment

Choose your desired installment. You can choose between 4 - 40 weeks or 2 - 12 months. For cars, we allow up to 106 weeks or 36 months. Then proceed to pay your first payment.

We will deliver at 50%

Your desired item will be shipped to you before full payment at the mid-point of your installment. On a 2 months plan, the delivery process starts immediately, while on a six months plan, the delivery process starts on the 3rd month.

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I have always wanted to buy some cool gadgets and CDcare made owning these things very easy for me. I have bought four items already from CDcare. I like the fact that CDcare doesn't require much from me as a user.

Tosin Amuda


We can't wait to deliver to you too soon.

35,000+ items have been shipped to 17,000+ Nigerians across 36 states. We cannot wait to ship yours too.

  • When will I collect the item that I am paying for?
    Your item will be shipped when you reach the middle of your instalment period and meet all our delivery conditions, and at that time you must have paid half of the cost of the item in equal instalments. For example; On a 2 months plan, the delivery is processed immediately, on a 6 months plan, the delivery is processed on the 3rd month, on a 12 months plan, the delivery is processed on a the 6th month.
  • Can I pay at once and collect my item immediately?
    Yes, you can chose to pay outrightly by choosing the once payment option.
  • Do you need my BVN or bank account login details?
    We do not require your BVN or your bank account login details.
  • Are my credit card details safe on the CDcare platform.
    CDcare does not store your card details so the issue of card insecurities does not arise with CDcare. Our payment gateway is Flutterwave and they are reputable for taking security seriously. To know more about Flutterwave please click here.
  • Is my money safe with CDcare?
    Yes, your money is safe with CDcare. CDcare is a reputable organisation that has delivered to more than 17,000 Nigerians across the country. We are accountable and give value for money, Nigerians trust us with their money and they also attest to our quality services and products. Kindly check our social media platforms for testimonials. Our customer care service line is open to everyone. Our Physical location is at 12, Adenekan Street Fadeyi, Lagos State. At CDcare, we exist to serve you and ensure sure you enjoy the easy life with us
  • What if I can no longer afford to pay my installment after my item have been delivered.
    CDcare gives a 3 days and 7 days payment grace on weekly and monthly installments respectively. That means you have the grace to pay your installment a few days after due payment. A default charge of 3% weekly or 10% monthly on the amount due applies after the grace period has elapsed Customers are required to return delivered items they have missed payment on to CDcare to avoid late payment charges. The item will be shipped back to the customer after the due payment is made within one month. After one month, the items are sold off at the used value and the excess amount after deducting all due payment and charges is returned to the customer. You can read more in this blog posts.
  • Why should I put my ATM card on your platform?
    To facilitate easy payment by you or deduction by us in line with your preferred instalment plan. Please note we do not store your card details; all card transactions are handled by Flutterwave.
  • What is Flutterwave?
    Fluuterwave is a payment gateway company that helps businesses in Africa get paid by anyone, anywhere in the world. To know more about Flutterwave please go to
  • Can I pay half of the gadget cost and collect my gadget immediately?
    To get your item early, you can choose the 2-month installment plan. CDcare will run a check and your item will be delivered within 15 days. However, the remaining balance must be paid in one instalment only.
  • Can I collect my money back if I change my mind?
    Yes, however, this attracts a fee of 10% of the instalment sum already paid to discourage unnecessary cancellation of orders. Kindly read article 13 of our Terms and Conditions to know more cancellation of orders.
  • What if the product I want to buy is no more available in the market when I have reached my half payment mark?
    This is an unavoidable possibility so we will present the following options to you: i. That you give CDcare a short period (most likely 1 to 3 days) to make available the actual product to you, if possible. ii. That you chose another product of same price range as your ordered product which is now unavailable. iii. That we refund your money in full if (i) & (ii) above fails.
  • What if the product I want to buy becomes cheaper when I reached my half payment mark?
    The terms of purchase is subject to the availability of the item as at when you reach the half payment mark, likewise the price of the item, so if the price of the item becomes cheaper, CDcare will credit the excess amount in your CDcare account which can be used for subsequent instalments.
  • What if the product I want to buy becomes costlier when I reached my half payment mark?
    The terms of purchase is subject to the availability of the item as at when you reach the middle of your chosen installment period, likewise the price of the item, so if the price of the item becomes higher, CDcare will spread the excess amount on your subsequent installments or give you extended duration to pay the excess.
  • What do I do if the item I want is not on CDcare Marketplace?
    Just tell us by sharing a link and we will review and add it for you. Please click here to contact a CDcare agent to add your desired items for you.
  • How many months or weeks can I use to pay for my gadget?
    CDcare allows equal and even number of installments. You can choose between 4 to 40 weeks, or 2 to 12 months. However, you must reach the middle of the installment period and paid half of the price of the gadget consistently before you can collect your gadget.
  • How will my item be delivered to me when the delivery is due?
    CDcare partners with logistics companies that would deliver your item to you.
  • What if my gadget develops a fault and I have not completed the payment?
    Items on CDcare comes with manufacturer warranty. You can contact our support for assistance by sending an email to
  • What If I get enough money to pay fully during the course of my instalment, can I pay a lump sum and get my item?"
    Yes, you may choose to pay the remaining amount during the period of installment and your item will be shipped immediately.
  • There is no option to select multiple items at the same time.
    CDcare now has a cart feature that allows you to start the same installment plan for multiple items at the same time.
  • What if I miss my payments?
    We consider people who fail to pay their installments as defaulters. There are two categories of defaulters and how they are handled; 1. Defaulter before item is delivered: The item will not be delivered until complete payment is made. 2. Defaulter after item is delivered: The item should be returned to CDcare after the grace period. You can read more in these links. You can read more in this blog posts.
  • Is delivery free?
    No, delivery is not free. It is spread across the first half of your installments.
  • What are the requirements?
    Our delivery requirements are simple and easy to meet, they are: 1. Verify your identity with your phone number, NIN or BVN (BVN is not compulsory) with pictures of your full face. 2. Verify your address by giving CDcare location access on your device. 3. Confirm that you have read our terms and conditions. 4. Verify and use a valid email address. 5. Have an ATM card connected to an account that has funds not less than 5,000 Naira.
  • What does insurance mean on CDcare
    The insurance policy on CDcare provides cover against damages incurred on the purchased product. In the event of this occurrence, CDcare will either replace or repair the damaged product. The insurance is 10% of the cost of the product.
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