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I have traveled across four states searching for my mother; I was kidnapped at Adamawa when I boarded a taxi to the central mosque. I finally regained freedom after covering myself in mud mixed with dog feces. I had to do this to escape the wandering nose of the security dogs at the kidnapper's den.

It's been a telltale journey, but I won't give up now, not when I can feel how close I am to her.

My name is Halima, and this is my story.

I grew up in Lagos (the land of opportunities) with my Parents, A twin sibling, and my mom's stepsister, who lived with us. We were a happy family, or should I say; we all pretended to be happy despite the tension in the air. My mom's stepsister was a thorn in our flesh, and she had everyone fooled except me. Lucky me, I thought.

She would cook meals and intentionally add enough pepper to last each of us a lifetime. One would think that was her only flaw, but Aunty Aisha also fancied wearing bum shorts and was always up to no good whenever my mom went away on her business trip. My mom works with an Oil firm in Kano, so she travels from Lagos to Kano thrice a Month. My dad is a Teacher at Brighter Stars College in Lagos, but he doesn't earn as much as my mom does; He is steadfast and disciplined. According to him, he is fulfilling his purpose, and that's what matters most.

Aunty Aisha saw this window of opportunity and held on to my dad in the fiercest way possible; She wore bum shorts around the house whenever my mom was away and constantly flirted dirty with my dad. My dad is disciplined, but I have seen him shiver at the slightest touch from Aunt Aisha. Especially when he was watching TV in the living room, I usually turned a blind eye because I refused to believe the reality that was staring me in the face, but today, I am determined to fight my mom. I am determined to fight for Hajia... I made my way through the hallway to the kitchen, and I found a knife there.

To be continued....

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