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CDcare With Your Vendor


  • The customer finds a product that they want to buy in a physical store and gets the current price.

  • An Eligible customer opens the CDcare app and inputs the details of the product, the price of the product and the physical store location of the product.

  • The customer submits the details and the app then accepts the product, and allows the customer to select, and start an installment plan.

  • At the midpoint/delivery period, CDcare sends a representative to visit the physical store at an agreed time with the customer in the presence of the customer.

  • The CDcare representative pays for the product and the receipt for the product is issued in the name of CDcare - meaning CDcare is buying and owns the product.

  • The CDcare agent then follows the customer to the customer’s delivery address(Home/office) where the item will be delivered. The customer pays for the transport/shipping of the item if it is necessary and the transport of the agent to the delivery address.

  • The physical shop address and the delivery address must not be more than 10km apart, it is the customer will pay for the agent’s transport back to the physical shop.

  • The customer after delivery will immediately and subsequently get a temporary receipt from CDcare that expires on the next payment day. The customer will only get a permanent receipt when the payment is completed.


  • What if the price of the item increases/decreases at midpoint? - The CDcare price change policy applies - Please read CDcare Terms and Condition.

  • What if the product is no longer available at midpoint? - The CDcare product unavailability policy applies - Please read CDcare Terms and Condition.

  • What category of products are allowed? - Only categories of product on the CDcare app are allowed, OR as approved by the CDcare marketplace team

  • What brand of products are allowed? - Only original brands of products are allowed; imitations or fakes will lead to automatic cancellations with 10% of the paid sum forfeited.

  • What are the cancellation/change conditions? - Customers can still cancel/change their instalments as they wish according to CDcare terms - Please read CDcare Terms and Condition  - Any form of cancellation after an agent has visited the physical store whether due to price change or product unavailability will still attract a 10% cancellation fee.

  • Does the service attract any extra charge? Yes, CDcare charges a 10% administrative charge irrespective of the instalment plan that the customer choses. For example, the customer will pay 110,000 Naira in total for a 100,000 Naira item where the extra 10,000 Naira is CDcare’s extra 10% administrative fee.

  • Is the service available all over the country? No, it is only available in selected cities which are Lagos state, Ibadan city, Osun State, Ogun State, Kwara State, Ekiti State, Ondo State, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Owerri city, Enugu city, Awka, Onitsha, Bayelsa, Warri, Asaba, Benin city, Lokoja, Nassarawa.

Please call our customer care toll-free or chat with us on Whatsapp if you have any questions or require further clarifications.

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