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The identity verification process on the CDcare app has become seamless. We partnered with, the Fastest KYC and User Onboarding Platform in Africa, to offer you a more effective service and exterminate the strenuous process of uploading your ID card and manual confirmation. Using the Dojah KYC widget, our customers can now instantly verify identity using options from driver’s license, international passport or NIN, and a nin-connected phone number. The Verification process is a paid service that CDcare provides for free; therefore, only customers who have at least one ongoing payment with CDcare can access the verification page.

How it works

The dojah verification page will open on your device’s browser and require camera access. Once the page opens, click continue. Ensure to use your legal names as you have them on your ID card and NIN-connected phone number. You will also need to take selfies.

Once you are verified, The CDcare app will open automatically. All you have to do is refresh your account page on the app, and you will see the gracious green ticks of verification.

We will keep working to give you remarkable service and guarantee a seamless service while using the CDcare app, download the app and start your instalment today to enjoy paying small small for items with no kobo added.

Let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at, and we look forward to delivering many items to you soon.

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