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Updated: Jun 14, 2022

CDcare is the fastest way to own anything in Nigeria.

Our product offerings range from electronics and home appliances to gadgets, all available in different brands and specifications. Our payment plan is very flexible and designed to suit your financial capabilities. We want you to experience an easy life with CDcare.

pay small small


CDcare has both weekly and monthly installment payment plans.

Depending on your income frequency, you can choose to pay weekly or monthly. You can choose between 4-40weeks or 2-12months installment plans.

Our flexible installment payment plan is designed specifically for every African, irrespective of class, income, or social status. Our primary goal is to ensure that every African can easily afford basic needs with our installment payment offerings. We work hard to ensure that no African lacks home, work, or personal items needed to improve the quality of life. We have delivered over 17,000 products to thousands of Nigerians across the country. We currently have helped over 11,000 Nigerians own items easily with our pay small small app.


CDcare users can easily make payments through card payment, USSD, or bank transfer.

CDcare installments are typically automated. Your installment amount is usually auto-debited from your connected payment card on your payment due date. All you need to do is start your installment, connect a payment card and ensure that you fund your account on your payment date. CDcare will automatically deliver your item as described when due.

To start using CDcare, download the CDcare app on all devices using this link: or visit For further inquiries call: 08113651836

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