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CDcare brings you exciting news!! We have a new update on the CDcare app!

The new app update features our new instant identity verification process amongst others, excited much?! Yes, we are also very excited to share this latest feature in our app with you.

With the new verification process, our customers can instantly verify identity, thereby reducing the order approval time. This verification has been broken down into 4 easy parts and they are:

· Identity verification

· Payment card verification

· Address verification

· Email address verification

The first step is to update your CDcare app, then you go to the account page to see the verification status menu as shown in the image below; Just click it to see your verification status.

Identity Verification:

We partnered with, the Fastest KYC and User Onboarding Platform in Africa, to eliminate the arduous process of uploading your ID card and manual confirmation. Using the Dojah KYC widget, our customers can now instantly verify identity using any of Driver’s licence, International passport or NIN, and a nin-connected phone number. The Verification process is a paid service that CDcare is providing for free and as such it can only be accessed by customers who have at least one on-going payment with CDcare.

Payment Card Verification:

The payment card still retains the same old method of adding your card, once you click on it, it sends you to the card page and you can add your card if you haven’t added it before. A test charge of a sum between 1,000 - 5,000 Naira will be carried out on your account within 24hrs to verify the card. After a successful charge, the card will be verified and the charged sum will be added to your money box where you can use it to pay for subsequent installments.

Address Verification:

We are aware that the addressing system in Nigeria still needs a lot of development as the process for tracing customers address for delivery is usually very stressful. This is why we have employed the map-technology with your device's GPS locator to get your accurate delivery address. To successfully verify your address, you need to grant CDcare location access while using the app after which your item will be delivered around your delivery period. We will be able to improve your shipment experience and also ensure that your item gets to the right location on time.

Email Address Verification

The email address verification is an easy process that only requires you confirming your email through the link sent to your email inbox during registration. You can also click on the “email verification” menu to have another email sent to you. You immediately get verified after clicking the link.

Once the verification is successful, it will be displayed exactly as seen on the image below.

We believe that this new automated processes will improve your CDcare experience and we will continue to work hard at making it easier for you to own things.

Let us know if you have any question by emailing us at and we look forward to delivering many items to you soon.

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Jun 16, 2023

Pls how can verify my identity


May 26, 2023

Pls I have been following the verification process but couldn't get it through as it remains still


Unknown member
Apr 11, 2023

Pls I have been trying to add a card but it keeps pausing and doing nothing for hours

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