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Updated: May 20, 2022

The CDcare money box is meant to help you gradually accumulate money towards your installments. The newest trend we have seen is how our users ask friends, and family to donate into the CDcare money box toward their birthday, wedding, etc.

The CDcare money box is a lifesaver and it comes with a personalized CDcare account number. You or anybody can pay into the account and it will simply be credited to your money box immediately.

To see your personalized CDcare account number, go to your profile, click on the money box, and select “View your personalized account number”.

Any money paid into the money box can be used to pay for items on CDcare. You can also use the money box to receive money for birthdays, weddings and etc.

The moneybox is an efficient means to gather money towards a goal, download the app today and join the easy life.

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