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Why the price of product/availability of the product may change at mid instalment.

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

If you are reading this document, we have contacted you for a price change or a product change on CDcare, or you are curious to know how CDcare works.

Shall we begin with a short story?

In the first few months of CDcare launch, our strategy was to buy products immediately after customers started an instalment. It didn’t take long before we realized that this would put us in big trouble as we had a lot of abandoned products by customers in our office.

The reasons for this abandonment include cancelling the instalments to get money back or a request to change the product to another.

At times, the price of products reduces at mid-instalment. The customers then want to pay a reduced price. This price reduction is very common because some products are more expensive when newly launched, with the price reducing over time.

To solve these issues, we had to make the following adjustments to our strategy:

  1. We will only ask vendors to supply products at the midpoint of the instalment or when we are processing the delivery.

  2. The customer will pay the current price of the products when delivery is processed. If the price is lower, the customer will get a refund of the excess. In contrast, the customer will have to pay the additional sum if the price is higher. We might even offer to extend the customer’s instalment to accommodate additional costs.

  3. In a case when the product is out of stock, we will recommend similar products within the customer’s budget range and even offer to extend the customer’s instalment to accommodate extra costs.

We plead with you to understand why we designed these terms to protect you and protect us as a company. We want you to be able to cancel your instalment or change to another product of your choice effortlessly. Imagine that somebody gifts you the television you are paying for on CDcare; wouldn’t you want to cancel or change the product to another item?

We want to allow you to cancel and change your instalment effortlessly when you need to.

It is essential to let you know that contacting you for an upward price review or product change does not please us. It is beyond our control, and we crave your understanding.

Thank you, we look forward to delivering to you soon.

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Unknown member
Feb 15, 2022

This will be the second time after waiting for so long. This did not meet me well.



Unknown member
Feb 10, 2022

Okay no problems

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