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Lagos, Nigeria - CDcare, The Popular pay small small app company, has announced a new payment plan for Starlink, the satellite internet service from SpaceX.

Under the new plan, Nigerians can pay for their Starlink device in installments for up to 12 months, making accessing high-speed internet service easier. The payment plan has a few requirements, including providing a National Identification Number (NIN) for registration and reading Starlink's terms and conditions.

Before shipping, CDcare will create a new email account for the customer, which will be linked to their device. After the customer completes the payment, CDcare will transfer ownership and login credentials for the email account to the customer.

CDcare wants customers to be aware that the delivery period for Starlink devices can range from 2 to 4 weeks, which may affect the estimated delivery date. Also, the device's total cost may increase or decrease at delivery due to price changes or exchange rates from Starlink.

An additional charge of 10% of the device cost will be added to the total payment to cover administrative costs.

"We're excited to be able to offer this payment plan for Starlink users," said Tobi Odukoya, co-founder and CEO of CDcare. "We believe that it will help more people in Africa to access high-speed internet and unlock the potential of digital technology."

CDcare is committed to providing innovative financial solutions that improve the lives of Africans. With Starlink's new payment plan, the company continues to deliver on the promise to make it easier for Africans to own things.

For more information about CDcare's payment plan for Starlink, visit

For more inquiries about CDcare, contact or call this number: 08113651836

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