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I have never known a warrior with no battle scars or one who survived the war without physical, emotional, or other scars.

Sometimes, we are willing to die on a hill, but have we tried living?

Have we tried staying alive for the people who love us? The people who will be devastated if anything happens to us?

Several battles make each of us a warrior, and one of the obvious battles is the ECONOMIC BATTLE.

Now, stay with me; Let me explain this to you.

The economic battle is apparent; it is the silent battle we all fight every day of our lives. An item sold for 100,000 Naira is now worth 200,000 Naira in the market, and this is just an illustration of our present reality, the reality that some of us would rather deny. However, there's also an obvious solution that some of us still haven't tried.

A solution that helps you navigate life not just as a warrior with scars but as one who knows how to pick his battles, A solution that would keep us alive for the people who love us and give us the peace of mind we didn't know we desperately needed.

A solution made manifest in CDcare, the pay small small app that makes it easy for Africans to pay in installments for their items. Nigerian's choice when it comes to owning Cars, home appliances, electronics, and gadgets.

Conveniently own your desired item by downloading the CDcare app, creating your account, and starting your installment.

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