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A few days later, I was discharged from the hospital; The journey back home with Aunt Aisha and Dad was silent and long, but I slept through it.

I thought Hajia would be waiting for me at home with open arms since she didn’t come to pick me up with dad, but I thought wrong.

I was greeted with a deafening silence at home while I frantically searched around the house for Hajia and the twins, but I couldn’t find them.

My dad knew he had to explain their absence to me, so he called me to his room. I got to his room, and I could see how scanty it looked. I didn’t want to believe what I was thinking; Hajia couldn’t have left me alone, could she?

Dad sat me down and positioned the fan he bought from CDcare for me. He could see that I was beginning to sweat from nervousness - I was genuinely nervous.

“I love your mom, and I wasn’t expecting her to leave us; I got back from work a few days ago only to find her belongings missing from our bedroom. I looked for her, called, and pleaded with her to return home, but your mom refused; she had switched off her line since the last time we spoke. I told Aisha to take the twins to grandma’s house because we all need time to sort this issue.” Papa said amidst tears. I could see that papa was broken and in so much pain - He put Hajia through a lot already, so I am only thinking about Finding Hajia.

to be continued.....

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