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Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Olabisi is constantly using my NetFlix login to stream movies; I have no problem with it, but she also shared the login details with her sisters, and I sometimes can't even access my Netflix account. I thought about changing my password, but when I remembered that she usually borrows me her Macbook Pro to attend events and show off when it's time for a presentation, I kept quiet.

Olabisi and I have been friends for two years; we met during our NYSC days and have remained friends since then. Our families know each other, and she usually comes to spend the weekend at my place. My siblings fondly call her "Olounje" because of her ability to finish the food in the house.

I work as a Chef in a Lagos island hotel, while Olabisi works as a customer care representative with a company in Ikeja. We moved out of our parent's house but couldn't rent an apartment together because she had to rent a place closer to her office, and I had to do the same.

It's been two years since we moved out, and Olabisi has been living a baby girl life while I struggle to make ends meet. I was amazed when she told me recently that she was considering buying a car; I couldn't sleep properly that night. I knew she had to be doing something to achieve this baby girl's life; if not for my trust in Olabisi, I would have concluded that she had sugar daddies. I decided to visit her place in Ikeja one Saturday morning to beg her to show me the way.

The way Olabisi shouted my name and hugged me when I showed up at her door, one would think she saw Jesus. Work and the distance from Mainland to the island have hindered us from seeing each other for a long time. I have missed seeing Olabisi too, but I was more interested in how she could afford this baby girl's life.

We were still jumping and chatting when I noticed how well-furnished her apartment was. She even had an LG 43-INCH SMART SATELLITE TV; I see why she is always on Netflix.

She has an Air conditioner and this big sound system. The center rug is so fine. She even has an inverter, Inverter ooo. I didn't know when I screamed, "Olabisi, jamisi!" Show me the wayyy. I asked her to show me the man funding this lifestyle because that is the only way this makes sense; I earn more than Olabisi naaooo...

She laughed and told me there was no man ooo and she didn't even have a boyfriend; she just said she uses CDcare. I didn't understand what she meant, so she requested my phone and downloaded the CDcare app for me. She created my account and told me about the various installment payment plans of 2-12 months and 4-40 weeks for home appliances, electronics, and gadgets. She reminded me about her plan to purchase a new car and brought out her phone to show me how she is paying to own a car with the 24-month plan at no interest.

Everything now made sense to me, and I was happy to learn about CDcare. I immediately started a six-month plan for an LG cooker and a big microwave.

From this day on, I will start living a life of comfort, irrespective of the fact that I am a salary earner.

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