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Jessica and I have been friends since high school, more like sisters but not bound by blood. She had always found a way to rescue herself from any situation. Therefore, I wasn't surprised she turned out great after we both graduated from the prestigious University of Ife.

I ventured into scented candle making while she became a certified spa therapist; I love her profession because I am eligible for free massages, Lol! However, it's been four months since I saw my girl because we have both been busy, and I have been out of town. She planned a girl's weekend for us at her place, and I can't wait for our sweet gist on Saturday.

At exactly 8:30a.m on Saturday morning, I was already at Jessica's place; I wasn't done knocking when she flung the door open. "Gbole!" Jessica screamed. We hugged each other for a long time before we started laughing; I knew Jessica had hot gist for me, but her place looked nice and furnished, and I couldn't resist the urge to ask her, so I asked her right away, "how far, you don blow o! You don buy big TV and dining set". She laughed and tried to wave it off, but I pressed further, so she told me about the PAY SMALL SMALL app.

She could tell I didn't understand what she meant, so she told me the app's name is CDcare and explained their various installment payment plans of 2-12 months and 4-40 weeks for home appliances, electronics, and gadgets. She also told me about CDcare for cars and how one can pay for up to 3 years or 180 weeks with no interest!

I stood there in disbelief because it sounded too good to be true, so I downloaded the CDcare app immediately to confirm her statement. I created my account and went through the verification process quickly.

After setting up my account, I looked at Jessica and told her she should have told me about this long ago, but I was glad I wasn't late to the party.

We started gisting, and she told me about her escapades. If there is anything that I have learned all through the years Jessica and I have been friends, it's that we can always rely on each other. While we were gisting, we went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

I saw her Juice extractor and air fryer, I told her she was enjoying o, but she reminded me that CDcare spoiled her with the easy life; I am glad I already created my CDcare account, and I will also start enjoying the easy life.

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