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Tolu’s good luck charm is evident in his standard of living; he is a freelance graphics design artist. Yet, he lives a life of luxury; when I say luxury, I mean sophisticated luxury. I have been to his apartment several times to play FIFA, and his workstation is totally off the hook, especially his MACBOOK PRO 16-INCH 2021 32GB RAM and his TV. Whenever I look at his workstation, It becomes more evident that a life of luxury isn’t just a dream.

I first met Tolu at a pop-up sale, where different vendors came to showcase their goods and sold them at juicy discounts. I hadn’t even started shopping when we bumped into each other trying to price the same item; I could tell he had a way with words after the trader eventually sold the item to him. We talked, and when it was time to leave, he offered me a ride in his MERCEDES BENZ ML350. I was shocked because I definitely did not see that coming; his vehicle was so sleek; immediately, I had to call him OG!

We became friends, and I visited him frequently since we fast became buddies. Truth is: I always enjoyed the game time, LOL!

On this particular day I visited, I planned to ask if he had any other side hustle apart from being a freelance graphics designer; I didn’t waste any more time, so I jumped in.

I asked him how he could afford his luxurious lifestyle and if he was into other silent businesses, but his reply shocked me further. He just said he is an ardent CDcare user and doesn’t joke with the PAY SMALL SMALL app. I probed further, and He told me about the various installment payment plans of 2-12 months and 4-40 weeks for home appliances, electronics, and gadgets, all at zero interest!

Then he also told me how he was allowed to pay for up to 3 years for his MERCEDES BENZ ML350 without interest; when I did the calculation, it was equivalent to 180 weeks. I was even surprised to learn that I make more than Tolu cumulatively monthly, yet it seemed like he earns way more than me.

He told me one thing that shifted my perspective about life; He said, “INFORMATION IS POWER I couldn’t agree more. He directed me to the CDcare website:, and urged me to join the easy life.

If there is anything I gained from attending the pop-up sale, It is the gift of Tolu as a friend and the insightful information he shared.

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