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CDcare is the fastest way to own anything in Nigeria.

Our product offerings range from cars, electronics, and home appliances to gadgets, all available in different brands and specifications. Our payment plan is very flexible and designed to suit your financial capabilities.

We allow payment plans of up to 12 months and 40 weeks, so you can conveniently spread payment according to your income, so we expect that you choose a payment plan that works for you so you will not miss your payment.

While CDcare promises to deliver items at mid-installment, deliveries are sometimes flagged/paused for some of the following reasons:


  1. Inconsistent payment plan: CDcare records your payment pattern and sends reminder emails for every due payment. We also give a payment grace of 3 days and seven days on weekly and monthly installments, respectively. If you miss your payment anytime before delivery, you will see a "defaulted" icon on your buy history, and your item will not be delivered until complete payment.

  • You owe on a delivered item: If your payment on a delivered item is due. No new deliveries will be sent to you until all due payments are made.

  • You are buying 2 "personal" items simultaneously: Personal things like Phones, AirPods, Laptops, smart watches, television, fridge etc. are considered personal items, and we do not expect you to use two simultaneously. Buying two of these items makes us assume that you want to gift one of them out, and CDcare doesn't allow you to gift items out until the payment has been made in full.

  • Shady KYC/ payment methods: When your KYC or payment methods have discrepancies or fraudulent patterns, CDcare will flag your delivery until the issues are cleared.

  • Suspicion of deliberately lumped delivery: This is when a customer arranges several installment plans towards the same delivery period. Our compliance system flags some deliveries until the customer can prove that it is not a deliberate attempt to collect many items and stop payment.

It is essential to mention that CDcare can decide to pause your delivery until complete payment without any explanation. However, our customers remain at the forefront of our decisions; hence we take appropriate measures to ensure we deliver excellently at mid-payment.

For further assistance, kindly contact us on 23412297900 or 08113651836

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