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Updated: Aug 25, 2023

CDcare's flexible payment plan tops the chart in Africa. One of our unique goals is to serve every African with products they can buy and pay in instalments with zero kobo added. We believe the CDcare life is a life that allows easy access to comfort.

We have a wide array of payment plans tailored to cater to our consumers, the pay small small app provides a flexible payment plan that was designed solely for them. When items are purchased from us, we give people on monthly instalments 7 days grace that allows consumers to pay without any fee and we give people on weekly instalments 3 days grace period to pay without fee.

CDcare default charges, which is an added fee on defaults will stop to accumulate on the item once it is returned to CDcare. Therefore, it's in the best interest of our customers to return items that they can no longer pay for to CDcare in order to avoid default charges, and a new payment plan can be arranged for the customer.

However, to encourage our users to be financially disciplined and make payments timely, we charge a 10 percent and 3 percent late payment fee monthly and weekly respectively if payment is not made before the end of the grace period. This late payment fee is added automatically to all installments only after the item has been shipped to the customer.

For example;

If your monthly installment payment of 10,000 Naira is due on the 20th April, you must pay on or before 27th April, else a 10% late payment fee will be added after 27the April making the due payment 11,000 Naira.

If your weekly installment payment of 10,000 Naira is due on the 20th April, you must pay on or before 23rd April, else a 3% late payment fee will be added after 23rd April making the due payment 10,300 Naira.

The late payment fee is charged weekly or monthly depending on the type of installment chosen. This means A 3% late payment fee is charged every week on a weekly installment on the due amount while a 10% late payment fee is charged every month on the due month.

CDcare flexible payment is designed for you to pay the normal market price without adding any extra fee at all; This is what you enjoy if you make all your payments on time, within the grace periods.

Please reach out to us on all our contact channels if you have any questions.

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Feb 09

Debit: 316XXXX212 Amt: NGN14,424.71 Date: 08-FEB-2024 18:14:06 Desc: ONLINE PAYMENT-CDCARE/BBWK134517074124/0. Bal: NGN5,141.39CR. Dial 89411# to get loan. I have been debited this amount, but it is yet to reflect in my payment.


Unknown member
Feb 07, 2023

am having issues with my transactions I have been trying to send money from my access bank to my sterling Bank account and three times now I have been debited but the money has not dropped please be patient I will pay if not tonight, first thing tomorrow morning

Precious Princess Ogbeide
Precious Princess Ogbeide
Feb 10, 2023
Replying to

Kindly send a mail to thank you so much for reaching out to update us.

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