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Updated: Apr 20, 2022

The process of purchasing products from CDcare is stress free, this is because the CDcare life is a life of ease. We are comfort oriented and have successfully mapped out several flexible instalment plans that will enable each African to purchase products from us with zero kobo added.

When a customer has successfully reached the midpoint in payment and met all our delivery terms, we deliver their desired item to them seamlessly anywhere in Nigeria, our consumers' satisfaction and comfort is our utmost priority in CDcare.

But then again, we don’t encourage default in payment. When a customer defaults in payment after delivery beyond the grace period (7 days on monthly installment and 3 days on weekly installment), the customer is expected to willingly return the item to CDcare until the customer is able to pay the due payment. A grace period will be given to the customer to make all due payments after which item will be returned to the customer.

Read about default and default charges here:

If a customer fails to return the item and CDcare has to come pick up the item, the customer will be charged for the cost of picking up the item plus all other retrieval costs accrued in the process.

It is important to mention that all items that are delivered to our customers remain CDcare property until the full payment is completed. This is why we only give a temporary receipt that expires on the next payment date to customers upon delivery of the item; this means that holding the item after the receipt has expired is illegal.

The CDcare team will continue to work tirelessly to give more and more Africans the power to own.

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